This darkly humorous musical centers on nine misfit men and women who attempted (four of them successfully) to assassinate American Presidents. While every nation has its assassins only in America, the authors suggest, do disturbed and dis-turbing individuals act not because they hope to influence national politics, but because they are wrapped up in a malignant sense of entitlement.

Directed by: Jaret Morlan

Music Direction: Jessica Palmer

Stage Management: Lindy Rublaitus

Balladeer/Lee Harvey Oswald: Dustin Davis

John Wilkes Booth: Kehry Anson Lane

Charles Guiteau: Ben LaFayette

Leon Czologosz: Colin Nies

Giuseppe Zangara: Jacob Glass

Samuel Byck: Jeffrey Allen Mead

Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme: Hannah Green

Sara Jane Moore: Olivia Symmonds

John Hinckley: D.j. Kohl

The Proprietor: Josh Sazon

Emma Goldman/Ensemble: Rachael Rhoads

Gerald Ford/ Ensemble: Nick Oswald

David Herold/Ensemble: Robert Morris

Billy/Ensemble: Nicholas Hansen

Ensemble: Minsu Song, Ali Heath, Nicholas Rudzianski, Elinor Levin

Iowa City Community Theatre
Iowa City, IA

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